Participating as an institution

In order to participate in eduroam with your existing wireless LAN deployment, several steps are necessary.

First off, the institution needs to be eligible for the service, i.e. it must be an educational or research institution. If you are not sure whether or not your institution is eligible, contact

The second prerequisite is: there must be some form of identity repository to identify the institution's users. It may be in the form of an SQL database with user information, an LDAP directory, ActiveDirectory or even flat files - lots of varieties are possible. As a special note: schools that want to participate and that do not think they need seperate VLANs for visitors can use the CGIE's identity management system instead of having their own. Please contact your CGIE engineer or the eduroam administrators if you are interested in further details.

Institutions will also need to setup a RADIUS server for the connection to eduroam - RESTENA staff can assist you with setting up this server.

Finally, the last prerequisite is that the institution signs the eduroam policy.

The eduroam Luxembourg policy

Institutions in Luxembourg that are participating in eduroam need to abide the eduroam Luxembourg policy.